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Why Visit Morocco.

Why visit morocco
¿Why visit Morocco?

Morocco is located in the north of Africa and is the country with the highest tourist influx followed by South Africa and Tunisia, being mostly Musulman you can enjoy Mosques of an exquisite architectural taste such as Kutubia (Marrakech) and Hassan II (Casablanca). Morocco is one of those countries
that surprise you, that your senses alert you, that remain engraved in your heart by its many contrasts, since you can feel in Africa when you are in the Sahara, in its dunes, in the ray of the sun, on the other hand immerse in its strong flavors full of spices, lamb and bread, takes you
to the imaginary with places full of color that fill the view and make you think that in any of your carpets ...

Its aromas, its street life, its noisy cities such as Marrakech with its jamaa el-fna square intangible cultural heritage of humanity, Fez that houses the oldest library in the world and spiritual capital of Morocco, Tangier surrounded by the Mediterranean and Atlantic sea , of great political and cultural importance because of its close relationship with Spain, they make a shock in the senses when you arrive at its narrow streets inside quiet Medinas and almost
impassable, but no less beautiful as in Chefchauen or Essaouira, places that steal your breath, and that make you think again and again if you are in a fairy tale, you returned 2000 years in time or you are dreaming. a country as fascinating as it is exhausting, there is no other way to cross it than walking, smelling, eating, enjoying every corner. That's why we have created different routes according to your interests and budget, get in touch with us.


Tours & Tours around Morocco 2019 From Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez or Tangier through the Merzouga Desert

We have the best offers of circuits for Morocco 2019 you will find everything you need to enjoy the best trips and we take care of everything to make you happy with Merzougadunestrip.com. Excursions to Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca, Merzouga, Zagora and Ouarzazate. Also circuits through the desert in private 4x4 SUVs and air-conditioned, with nights between the dunes of the desert, all included. The best prices to make tour packages to Morocco and see its beaches, the desert, go out to party in its famous clubs or immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture through its art, architecture, history and Moroccan cuisine. Take advantage of this offer of limited duration in which you will also get a discount for early booking. Consult trips for groups or private to Marrakech. Ask us for information without any commitment. Come and live the best adventure of your life in the desert of Merzouga with our trips organized to Morocco in 4x4 from any point of Morocco! Travel without limits with us and enjoy a different trip to Morocco !. Find out about our discounts for early booking on organized trips to Morocco 2019!



Tours through Morocco, North Africa. Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in North Africa. It often causes tension among Europeans to decide to visit this magnificent country, since it is a great cultural clash between Christian and Islamic society. However, all this takes a back seat when you arrive there and you see that the country welcomes you with total normality and affection.

Organized trips to Morocco 2019, impressive. That is the only definition that can be given to a country like Morocco. In general, the tourist is limited to visiting Marrakech and Casablanca. Of course, visiting these cities is essential. In them they are the Place of Jmma Fna, the Koutoubia, the Garden Majorelle, or the Mosque of Hassan II, but Morocco is much more than that. We can not stop recommending in our tours to Morocco 2019, the visit to Azilal, for example, if only by being able to see the Ouzoud Waterfalls, which mixes nature and human ability to form a first class tourist attraction. The deserts of Merzouga also require a stop, which we will carry out on our trip with the 4x4 SUVs in private. It might seem that they do not have much mystery. Sand and dunes. But when you find yourself before the desert, it is as if you were facing the sea for the first time. You feel like the immensity of nature invades you. And, in addition, if you get someone to take you to one of the desert villages, you will know a way of life that is not seen anywhere else in Morocco. Visit the Kasbah Aït Benhaddou, a large fortified city that, although it no longer houses as many families as it once did, still keeps some inside, which can even guide tourists who want to know more about Morocco's past. As for the Beaches, you can visit the Taghazout Beach, which has some really impressive landscapes. Oualidia Beach, in Essaouira, is among the most beautiful beaches in Morocco, and is a common tourist destination for many travelers' holidays. The Mediterranean environment reigns on these coasts, so that tourists can enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As you can see, we do not talk too much about Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez, Rabat or Tangier. These cities are, of course, a must visit. But anywhere you can find information about them and what to visit. however, we prefer to show you that, in addition to these cities, in Morocco there is much more to see.




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