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Between Camels and Dunes

Would you like to spend a night among the dunes of the desert? We will take care of everything.

Come with Merzougadunestrip.com to live a unique experience, different and full of emotions through the desert of Merzouga. We take care of managing your entire trip without any worries, do not think about it and come and live the best experience of your life.

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The best 2019 routes chosen for you, in case you need tailor-made or customized routes, you can contact us, and we will gladly help you.

Solidarity Trips to the Desert

Would you like to help the most needy people in the desert? We will take you to the most needy in the area.

They are short trips, but the important thing is that this experience of coexistence and work, through contact with the local population, creates a solidarity conscience that will mark their lives and their future decisions.

Our Excursions in Morocco

Come and discover the best excursions at the best price on the internet, we are experts in excursions in Morocco.

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