Meeting Morocco

LANGUAGE: The Arabic dialect followed by the Berber. The French is very common.

ART: Traditional crafts (painted or carved wood, sculpted plaster, ceramic, engraved bronze…)

MUSIC: Different ethnic origins.
The Berber music. (Different region and tribes) with popular dances
Subsaharan pace. Groups gnaua (Guinea)
Rai music. With arab roots. Rhythm and instruments from the western

SHOPPING: Morocco is a paradise for shopping. Souks, medinas and bazaars with colourful groods. (carpets, jewellery, textiles, ceramics, slippers, fossils…)

GASTRONOMY: Full kitchen and nutritious. Mixture of sweet and salty and the use of Spices. Not even need the bread and olives. Traditional dishes:
Tajin. Where a variety of cooked vegetables, meat or fish. Couscous. Different types of Soups. Harira, chorba, bisara.. Salads. Raw or cooked Skewers. Chicken, lamb, veal, kefta (small meatballs).
Natural resources in this land are extraordinary.
Morocco sends abroad a lot of fruits and vegetables and the same applies to fishing.

Come close to meet all this.

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