Welcome to Merzouga dunes trip group

This company – Merzouga dunes trip – was created by the two brothers and a friend, and one of the goals is to help each other and to develop. In the company we offer programs, trips and information in general.

If you prefer to have a more individual trip, or make changes in the things listed below, feel free to send us an e-mail; ahmedkhamlia@gmail.com; merzouga-dunstrip@hotmail.com

We would like to share with you the magic of the south of Morocco, the dunes and the Sahara, the mountains, the gorges, the valleys, the life of the Nomad-people, and the life in the oases, the Kasbahs and in the villages. Everything is possible.

Who Are We : 

  1. Ahmed Bougunig was born in a small village in southeast of Morocco. He has been working with tourists since his young ages, because the people where he was born have a music group.  (They also played in Spain and Germany). He likes to travel and to have new experiences, to discover new cultures and new ways of live. He always says that to travel means to know more things. Now he lives in a small village called “Khamlia” near Merzouga, close to the desert, with his family.
  2. Hamad Anaam was born in a village in southeast of Morocco. He has many years of experience in the tourism of Morocco, working both, as a guide and as a driver. He is university educated in Errachidia, and speaks Arab, Berber, English, French, and Spanish fluently. The idea to create this company came from the wish to develop and to share his best time, and his experience with the others.
  3. Ibrahim Bougunig was born and grew up under the watchful eye of the great Erg Chebbi. He has many years of experience in the tourism in general as a driver-guide. He speaks Arab, Berber, Spanish and French. Now he lives in a small village called “Khamlia” near Merzouga, close to the desert, with his family.

About our guiding:

  • Khamlia is a desert-village in the southeast region of the province of Errachidia
  • The village is populated by a hundred people belonging to the tribe of the Gnaoua, and natively comes from Central Africa, bringing with them their rich culture, tradition, customs, social-relations, music and dance.
  • Our famous music is known as the African Spiritual Music. For us, it is the communication between ourselves and the environment we live in.
  • In Khamlia there is also an association called “Khamlia Association” and has a goal to make it possible for the village to develop in all means of improvement.
  • Khamlia welcomes volunteers from all over the world.
  • Volunteers have the chance to experience the local culture as they spend their vacation.

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