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Morocco is situated on thee northwestern corner of Africa and is bordered by Mauritania and Algeria, both to the south and east. It is one of the beautiful and loveliest African countries, highlighted by different and charming landscapes, Atlas Mountains, Atlantic and Mediterranean coast lines, old and new cities, or the Sahara desert. as it is known by its different cultures, religions and lifestyle, mystery and charm, as you can meet people speak different languages like Arabic, Berber (Tamazight), and French…

Morocco is an authentic country where the visitor can enjoy its imperial cities:

  • Fes the spiritual cultural center of the kingdom,
  • Marrakech the city of Souk, Romance and History, is called the red city, known as the symbol of Morocco, and Casablanca the largest city, it is the economical capital of the country, there you can visit some interesting places, such as Temple Beth-El and the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, this means you are able to experience Casablanca’s Jewish culture.
  • Rabat the capital city of Morocco,
  • Meknes and Volubilis (the Roman ruins).
  • And the sahara desert where you can feel the tranquility, camel trekking, enjoy unforgettably silent starry skied desert nights

On the other hand, the country known by it folk music ,dance and food as one of the great cuisines in the world.

We help you to plan your route, and we are happy to give you the advince fr your trip  to Morocco, but you are free  to decide  your program and what do you wont  to visit…. .
Merzouga dunes trip  offers the opportunity to do many activities during your trip to Morocco, such as visiting local Berber families, having a cup of tea with nomads in their tents , visiting local cooperatives or associations that contributes to the development of the area, visiting archaeological and historical sites, going on camel rides, sleeping in Berber tents in the Sahara Desert, Berber homestays with local families, trekking, of course, haggling in the souks and local markets.

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